Consulting services


  • Consultation.

In their work, every person and business faces various and sometimes serious obstacles. They are usually related to a specific problem that affects the interests of many different stakeholders. Very often this problem has an organizational, managerial, financial, accounting, tax, legislative or other aspect that stakeholders fail to identify and accordingly find a solution.

The purpose of the consultation is to provide an independent opinion on a specific problem and to help make an adequate management decision based on professionalism and experience, respecting all stakeholders and allowing the best way to protect the interests of the company.



  • Training.

In order for each person and business to develop, they must train and gain experience by applying what they have learned. The main method for upgrading knowledge and skills is training.

We can offer, both individually for a specific position or management staff, and group training of experts, officials or all staff on certain key issues for the company and issues related to various aspects such as internal control and management, business processes and policy, information processes and policies, business ethics, business negotiations, work with clients at the front office and telephone service, specific procedures and / or business processes.