Audit services


  • System and / or process audit.

Different management and control systems have been set up in each organization and individual and independent processes are underway that owners and managers would like to manage.

The audit is related to identifying the existing risks in the respective system and / or process and taking adequate measures for their management and minimization.

Using the experience and skills of other people external to the organization provides an opportunity to support the company through a creative and evaluative method to provide an adequate management solution in every aspect, based on world-renowned practices and modern solutions.


  • Project audit.

Most of the companies and organizations are beneficiaries of grants provided for projects funded by European funds. Part of the conditions for project implementation is an audit of all costs and payments.

The audit involves a preliminary review and verification of all project costs, which ensures their accuracy, accuracy and legality, so as to minimize the risks of error and recovery and refund. The audit supports the proper planning of the project implementation, related to the coverage of legal requirements and procedures and which is the basis for the effective and efficient implementation of the project.


  • Financial and accounting audit.

Financial and accounting audit.

The financial audit includes audit procedures to verify that the amounts and figures set out in the financial statements are accurate, correct and present the financial position of the entity correctly. These audits are selected and performed independently by the auditor. In doing so, the auditor assesses the risks of material misstatement of the financial statements, taking into account the entity's internal control system and all related processes and systems that would affect the preparation of the financial and financial statements.