Everyone is excited about what Fortuna has prepared for him.


Since ancient times, Astrology has been the science that has did and moved life in every aspect.

From sowing the berry in the ground, through its germination and growth, to its fruitful harvest.

From the fate of states, emperors and politicians to the personal destinies of humble and ordinary people.

All of this is within the scope of Astrology!

Astrology is the science of the Gods that can surprise, frighten, delight and guide us.

Everyone wants to know the hardships that await him in order to prepare for them and the ups and downs that take him to the heights of his life so that he can truly rejoice in them.

Everyone who wants to develop and upgrade, everyone who wants to improve as a person, a professional or just as a person is excited about Astrology!


Here, by preparing an individual horoscope, we can offer you information about your strengths and weaknesses, about the lessons you need to learn, about favorable periods for your life decisions. 

Special attention is paid to the most important topics in everyone's life, and these are - health, personal life, love and friendship, work, career and finances. 

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Types of astrological services we offer:

  • Rectification (determination of the exact time of birth);
  • Analysis and interpretation of the natal chart;
  • Astrological forecast for 1 year;
  • Answer a specific question;
  • Comprehensive consultation, which includes a combination of the above points.

Ask the question that excites you or looking for alternative aspects. If you do not have a specific question, we will be happy to provide you with a personal individual horoscope.

All you need to do is fill in your birth data in the form below and book a personal consultation over the phone.

The service can be provided according to your preferred method and at a time convenient for you, by phone Viber / Watsapp / Messenger, e-mail or in person with our astrologer.

Each service is provided after payment by bank transfer, consultation fee.

You can pay for your consultation in the following bank account:

Holder: Galidora EOOD

BULSTAT: 205711898

Bank: First Investment Bank

IBAN: BG63FINV91501017325389