Light - a source of life and health!


Without it the World cannot exist!


Every living plant and being is subordinate and dependent on the Light. Every day we wake up with the rising of the Sun and fall asleep with its sunset under the solar biorhythm. Nature is born, blooms and falls asleep through the four seasons, determined by the solar energy.


From ancient times to the present day, we all benefit from the healing powers of sunlight, sometimes without even realizing it. Even Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, described various methods of applying the treatment of various diseases. Later in Egypt, light was used for medical purposes. Isaac Newton studied and explained its refraction and stratification of 7 different colors that can affect the body separately. It is from here that the connection of the colors with the chakras in the Vedic culture, whose mental and physical life of the Spirit and the body are inextricably linked.


In modern life, solar energy is based on science and has been shown to have a beneficial effect on vitality, health and 

The therapies with sunlight and colors that we can offer you have a restorative and healing effect, both on the whole body and on individual parts, organs and systems according to your individual needs.







Single Light Therapy Procedures (30 minutes)

Price - 13 euro

Single procedure of Flower Therapy (up to 20 minutes)

Price - 15 euro


For all who want to take advantage of the package service, we are pleased to offer you:




CHARGING package - 4 procedures - 40 euro

HEALTH package - 7 procedures - 65 euro

SUN Package - 10 procedures - 80 euro




ENERGY package - 4 procedures - 50 euro

BALANCE package - 7 procedures - 60 euro

AURA package - 10 procedures - 90 euro

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Bioptron Light therapy documented before after imagesBio-Beauty


In addition to the full spectrum of sunlight, it can be layered in different colors by refracting it (refraction) through a crystal prism. In this process, white sunlight is divided into 7 colors and forms the solar spectrum of light. Each color is characterized by different wavelengths and different wave frequencies and, accordingly, different effects on the human body.

At one end of the spectrum are the colors with the shortest length and respectively the highest frequency, including invisible ultraviolet rays, which are a powerful tool for destroying bacteria, as well as for our beautiful sunburn. With the lowest frequency and, accordingly, the longest wavelength, on the other side of the spectrum is infrared light, which is recommended for the treatment of muscle trampling, pain, stiffness, fatigue and more.


BIOPTRON - light and color therapy system.


  • Safe, effective, proven and easy
  • Clinically tested and medically certified
  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Used in medical centers and hospitals
  • Made in Switzerland

The best treatment is prevention. Take care of yourself!




    • Clinically and medically tested
    • Anti-aging
    • Relieves pain
    • Heals wounds
    • Supports dermatological and skin problems
    • Strengthens sports injuries
    • Applicable for children
    • Helps treat seasonal bacterial and viral infections
    • Affects depressive disorders and conditions

BIOPTRON is a medical device used in medical centers and hospitals. This is an innovative and unique technology for restoring the skin and body based on pure sunlight. Light therapy includes the full spectrum of UV light, including infrared rays with an intensity of over 10,000 lux, which affects the cell and cellular structures and organs and achieves incredible therapeutic results without medical treatment.


It supports the body's natural restorative powers and strengthens the immune system. Helps the body's ability to self-medicate and maintain optimal health.


Extremely effective in combating various adverse disease states. It has a long-lasting effect in maintaining the good health of the whole organism. Painlessly restores and does not disturb the natural structure of the tissue.


Light helps to regenerate the cell and has a beneficial effect on all organs and systems and the whole body, including mental disorders and depression. Doctors have often recommended climate change and light to treat many different diseases. Light is extremely important for the prevention of various diseases and health prevention. The cells in the human body receive it and transform it as energy that is used throughout the body.