PURE WATER / PH 7 - 8 /

Extremely beneficial effect on the whole organism for its normal functioning.

This water is purified of heavy metals, chlorine, gives birth and turbidity and is used to prevent and maintain optimal health.


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0.50 лв.8.00 лв.


Ingredients: Вода с PH 7 – 8.

Action: It is suitable for drinking and provides the minimum dose of clean water for the body. It makes you vital and energetic because it purifies and restores the vitality of the cell.

It is also suitable for daily care of babies and children and the preparation of baby food, as babies have new, young and strong organisms that are not yet acidified by acidic foods and beverages and need only clean water.

How to use: This water is suitable for drinking for daily use.

Storage: In a dry and dark place, protected from light. Storage temperature up to + 25C and relative humidity up to 70%. Keep out of reach of children!

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1 л., 1,5 л., 100 мл., 2 л., 200 мл., 5 л., 500 мл.


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