Hydrates 6 times better than any other water. It is rich in hydrogen and highly alkaline. Contains many antioxidants and neutralizes free radicals.


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Ingredients: Вода с PH 8 – 9.

Action: It is better than any drinking water because of its incomparable power to detoxify and hydrate the body. It has a strong detoxifying effect by cleansing the body of harmful substances and helps break down lactic acid and fats. Very well alkalizes and hydrates the body cell.

Excellent for drinking and for preparing healthy food and fitness drinks. It provides the body with the necessary energy and makes you vibrant and energetic. Helps to recover after intense training.

How to use: This water is suitable for daily drinking and preparation of healthy food and drinks.

Storage: In a dry and dark place, protected from light. Storage temperature up to + 25C and relative humidity up to 70%. Keep out of reach of children!

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